How NOT to Console Someone When They are Upset

Lately, I’ve been thinking that a lot of people don’t seem to know how to comfort someone who’s feeling sad.

Part of this, I suspect, has to do with societal perceptions of sadness itself.  It’s seen as a “negative” emotion—a state of mind meant to be avoided and eliminated as much as possible, by whatever means necessary.

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How I Spent My Summer, 2017 Edition

I was not on vacation, even thought I was away from home for an entire month.

I seem to be unwittingly developing a habit for having “working summers”.

Despite occasionally going on what could be considered conventional vacations, some even involving trips abroad, over the past few years, I’ve not found much relaxation during my summers.

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All Stories End


It’s so easy to lose oneself in a story.

We’ve all been there: the plan to read a little before bed keeps you up turning pages half the night.

You sink your social life for days or weeks in a row spending every free moment on successive volumes (or episodes) of a book (or TV) series.

I have a friend who gets so wrapped up in her reading, she does so while brushing her teeth.

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Life, Interrupted / This is Living

Hospital sign

A lot of writers and other creative types believe they’d have more time for their art if life were less hectic and prone to interruptions.

They are probably right about that.  I should know; over the years, I’ve rearranged my entire lifestyle to be as conducive to my writing as possible.

I’ve excised almost all extraneous disruptions, I schedule my days and weeks to within an inch of my life, and go to great efforts to minimize personal drama of the sort that annoys and hinders far more than it excites and inspires.

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The world is a terrible place.  We have to use the power of story for the ultimate good.

Candlelight vigil

The world is a terrible place.

It’s hardly worth referencing a specific incident to support this statement.  Just turn on your TV.  Turn on the radio.  Log on to any social media platform.  Open your front door.  You could spit and it would land on something awful taking place.  The reasons why are too numerous to count.

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Just a quick note to all my blog readers and followers:

With the approach of better weather and the ever increasing hours of daylight, I’m making some changes to my personal weekly schedule, both in an attempt to boost my overall productivity and to leave my weekends as unstructured as possible for fun, sun, and adventure.

One such scheduling change is the day I post to this blog.

Rather than on Saturdays, I will now be posting to The Rules of Engagement on Mondays.  This change will take effect this coming Monday, April 29 (i.e. I’ll be posting again this coming Monday), and will continue indefinitely unless and/or until I find that another day works better for me.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading and following me thus far.  It makes it so much easier and more fun to write posts knowing there’s an audience out there reading them.

I hope you’ll all continue to join me as I carry on along my writing journey.

See you again on Monday!


* SSDD = Same sh*t, different day: from Stephen King’s 2001 novel (and 2003 movie) Dreamcatcher.