Just a quick note to all my blog readers and followers:

With the approach of better weather and the ever increasing hours of daylight, I’m making some changes to my personal weekly schedule, both in an attempt to boost my overall productivity and to leave my weekends as unstructured as possible for fun, sun, and adventure.

One such scheduling change is the day I post to this blog.

Rather than on Saturdays, I will now be posting to The Rules of Engagement on Mondays.  This change will take effect this coming Monday, April 29 (i.e. I’ll be posting again this coming Monday), and will continue indefinitely unless and/or until I find that another day works better for me.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading and following me thus far.  It makes it so much easier and more fun to write posts knowing there’s an audience out there reading them.

I hope you’ll all continue to join me as I carry on along my writing journey.

See you again on Monday!


* SSDD = Same sh*t, different day: from Stephen King’s 2001 novel (and 2003 movie) Dreamcatcher.

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