TV & Me (pt. 1) – Shows I’m Currently Watching

Cat watching Netflix

I can’t even believe I once altogether stopped watching television.

Such is the power of love, I guess, that because the guy I was infatuated with didn’t like TV, I was able to quit cold turkey, enduring years of long, dark, post-Daylight Savings nights Time without it.

Maybe TV sucked anyway during that period.  Or maybe my reading list was a whole lot longer.  My reading list is still pretty long – never-ending, in truth – as is my writing schedule rather rigorous.

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Character Study: Bronn from TV’s Game of Thrones (& what liking him says about me)

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

Like most people who enjoy TV, I’m following Game of Thrones.

Also like most people, I have my favourite Game of Thrones characters, many of whom have died horrible deaths.

Thankfully, I still have a couple of favourites left, one of whom is Tyrion Lannister’s sellsword bodyguard-turned-knight, the aptly-named Bronn.

Bronn is a secondary character in the series, yet one I’m always excited to watch.  This despite the fact that the roguish soldier of fortune – a hard-drinking, womanizing, wry, cunning, yet still reasonably amiable mercenary – is a common high fantasy trope.

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