TV & Me (pt. 1) – Shows I’m Currently Watching

Cat watching Netflix

I can’t even believe I once altogether stopped watching television.

Such is the power of love, I guess, that because the guy I was infatuated with didn’t like TV, I was able to quit cold turkey, enduring years of long, dark, post-Daylight Savings nights Time without it.

Maybe TV sucked anyway during that period.  Or maybe my reading list was a whole lot longer.  My reading list is still pretty long – never-ending, in truth – as is my writing schedule rather rigorous.

However, a writer can’t exist on written words alone.  Every weekend (the only time I watch TV), I look forward to relaxing my brain a little with some visual entertainment (I once read that your brain waves while watching TV are slower than when you’re asleep), and also becoming a better writer in the process.

Netflix binge(I’ve previously written about how watching Netflix has improved my writing, but I’ve since discovered this also occurs when I’m tempted to extend a viewing binge by just one more episode: all I need do is remind myself that someone wrote these episodes, which means they weren’t sitting on their backside watching TV when they should have been writing.  Works nearly every time.)

Eyes on the prize

TV is exploding with great options these days, both on cable and of course, Netflix, where the I do a large chunk of my viewing. I’ve now had Netflix for almost two years now and have started noticing patterns in the types of shows I watch.

Things I like in a TV show:

  • Well-developed female protagonists that kick either metaphorical or literal ass
  • Characters that are resourceful, cunning, and think on their feet to come up with solutions to impossible-seeming situations
  • Shows set in the past (either historical or fantasy) or the future (sci-fi)
  • Shows that make light of the absurdity of real life
  • Characters who are either slightly unscrupulous or totally scrupulous and have to make tough moral choices
  • Awkward characters who don’t see the world the way others do
  • Complex – or even convoluted – plots that still manage to make sense

Things I didn’t know I liked in TV shows until I saw them:

  • Singing
  • Soap opera plots
  • Non-sequential storytelling

With these criteria in mind, in this first of three posts on my TV viewing habits, here are the shows I am currently watching and why.

How to Get Away with Murder

This show didn’t really come to my attention until lead actress Viola Davis won the Emmy award this year for Outstanding Lead in a Drama and gave an amazing acceptance speech about the importance of complex roles for women of colour:

I subsequently found out the show’s entire first season was available on Netflix and decided to give it a try.

I’m not usually much into law shows so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was BLOWN AWAY, not only by season one’s overarching plot involving four law students trying to cover up and conceal a murder they committed, not only by the elaborate, non-sequential manner in which the reason for and repercussions of the murder was told, but especially for Viola Davis’ stellar performance.

Davis plays high-calibre defence attorney and law professor Annalise Keating, a Machiavellian, take-no-prisoners courtroom champion who’s not afraid to employ methods that are themselves just this side of lawful and ethical (or altogether on the other side as well) to obtain the evidence and outcomes she needs to win.

At the same time, outside of the courtroom, when stripped of her power suits and glam makeup and wig, Annalise is a human being with a wounded heart – stuck with a cheating husband, a victim of past harm, and seemingly suffering from a low self-image that leads her to either destroy everyone she loves or to protect them so hard, she ends up destroying them anyway.


I’ve written before about my love of this all-black soap opera, which involves a top hip hop/R&B record company and the extravagant family at war with itself over the company’s future fortunes amidst a backdrop of gang violence, sex, betrayal, backroom business dealings, and AMAZING original music.

Most notably, I discussed the fantastic character, Cookie LyonEmpire now in its second season, I’m an even bigger Cookie fan now that her musician ex-husband and company CEO, Lucious, had gone from merely narcissistic and self-absorbed to full-on megalomaniacal and evil.

Indeed, the more over-the-top each new plot development gets in this outlandish show, the more I love it all.

Master of None

Aziz Ansari in Master of None

Aziz Ansari in Master of None

I became familiar with comedian Aziz Ansari through his specials on Netflix and found his slightly coarse demeanor in combination with his petite stature and boyish features a hilarious combination.

His new Netflix original sitcom reminds me of a cross between Seinfeld and The Hangover, each with considerably more diversity and each substantially more hipster, its target audience clearly the late-20s/early-30s urban, middle class set.

Indeed, at times, I feel this show is a little too cool – that the desire to be perfectly quippy and impassive often occurs at the expense of character development and depth, causing the performances to feel a bit insincere and not so much funny as just curious and odd.

However, I really like the show’s content – how it takes on issues often absent from traditional comedies, like the sacrifices made by immigrant parents so their kids can have a better life; the under-representation of people of colour on TV, and the everyday micro- (and macro-) aggressions faced by women – in a both comedic yet candid way.

Xena Warrior Princess

I’ve written extensively about Xena and will continue to do so as my replay of the shows six seasons continues.

Now midway through season four, having missed half this season and most of season five when they originally aired during the late 90s due to my being away at university, I’m currently, watching episodes I never actually saw before.  Which, some 17 years after the fact, is something I’m pretty excited about.

Game of Thrones

At this point in this show, I’m still watching more to keep abreast of a major entertainment phenomenon than from rapt interest on my part.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

There are definitely storylines I’m enjoying – Daenerys Targaryen is an incredible character; I’m also following Jon Snow’s arc, and love anything to do with the irrepressible Bronn – however who knows how long any of those folks will last.

I also find the show’s excessive gender-based violence against women – not to mention that in true HBO fashion, it has a higher bare breast count than George R.R. Martin’s overall body count – fairly off-putting.

Plus, after five seasons with it only now just becoming clear who might actually take Iron Throne (if for no other reason than so few contenders are left), it’s all starting to feel a bit protracted.

How often do you watch TV?  What shows are you watching right now?  Who do you think will take the Iron Throne?  Let me know in the comments.


A/N: It’s that time of year again: time for me to go on a very long and aggravating journey and let my brain turn to mush, most notably through watching loads of TV.  I’ll thus be taking a break from blogging during the holiday season, but will return either just before or just after New Year’s.

In the meantime, to all my blog readers and followers: A very Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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14 thoughts on “TV & Me (pt. 1) – Shows I’m Currently Watching

  1. I’ve been surprised by the quality of Netflix originals. Acting, script and plots are good. Pacing is good, sets are usually amazing. The long form series is so satisfying; it’s like reading a good book where chapters don’t always end with a cliffhanger and storylines are long and arcing over several series. I’ve watched Marvel’s 2 current shows. Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Now surprisingly enjoying Between, which, given it’s about kids under 22, is better than I anticipated. Also loved Sense8. Oitnb also good but I’ve fallen away from that one in season 3. And there are some lovely comedies too. What I am really enjoying about Netflix is their commitment to all ages. Kids and old age alike.


    • I agree with you about the Netflix originals – they’re just as good (and in many cases better) than cable and network shows. I really got into Marco Polo and eagerly await the next season. I just watched the pilot for Jessica Jones and will probably watch more, although it seems a bit darker than I usually like. I tried Sense8 but found the first episode really slow and wasn’t sure the actual story was and ended up bailing midway through it. However, I’ve heard lots of great reviews of it, so maybe I need to give it another chance.

      Two other shows Netflix is going to be producing that I’m looking forward to are Fuller House (the follow-up to the old sitcom Full House) and a series after the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.


  2. You should give ‘Grace and Frankie’ a try. A show about two interesting women who develop a strong friendship after their husbands leave them for each other.

    Also, Orang is the New Black is a GREAT show for writers. It’s literally a masterclass in character development. One season you’ll hate a character, and the next absolutely adore them.


    • Yes, Orange is the New Black has received amazing reviews; everyone I know whose watching it is loving it. I’ve seen a couple episodes randomly while at the hair salon one time, but I’ll have to make the time to watch it properly from the beginning.

      Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


  3. I met enough references to fanfiction of Supernatural that I was avoiding because I hadn’t seen the TV show that I decided to finally watch it. My readers seemed to be the same kind of people who enjoyed the show. It’s funny, until about two months ago, I couldn’t handle ghosts and gory monsters, or zombies( especially) while watching movies or shows on my own. But something snapped in October. I started binge watching Supernatural to find out what was the “draw” Now, in Season 7, I’m still watching, more for the characters than the plot line. The writing been a little weak since the end of Season 5. Seems like it might be getting stronger in the future. I like to finish things, so we’ll see where it goes. I’m interested in how the theme of the show has never wavered. I think that’s one of its strengths. It’s a theme that just keeps giving and it very relatable to nearly everyone.

    After that, I’d really like to see Marco Polo and Da Vinci’s Demons. I’m a one show at a time sort of viewer. Enjoy the holidays!


    • I have a good friend who’s been a long-term viewer of Supernatural (and Destiel shipper) who says the exact same thing as you – that the first five seasons were amazing and that she’s now only watching for the characters. She says the show never really gets good like it was again, but everyone is different so maybe you’ll like it more.

      I usually like to have a few shows on the go so I can pick and choose what to watch based on my mood on a given day. I watched Marco Polo and loved everything about it except the titular character, who I found rather dull compared to the goings-on of everyone else. You should definitely watch it.

      Hope you have a great and Merry Christmas!


  4. With series 9 of Doctor Who complete, I am left with 2 more episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead on my “must watch TV” list. I’ll tune in to Elementary, Black-ish, Empire, and Supergirl here and there, but if I miss an episode, it’s not important to me. I was watching Sleepy Hollow, but the writing for that show has fallen off a cliff and it will most likely be cancelled after they last run of episodes this spring. I will watch Blunt Talk when and if it returns.

    Speaking of things going away, I was clicking through the list of wordpress blogs I follow and found that the majority have not featured a new post in 2015. Some haven’t posted since 2013. Time to trim down, I guess.


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